Common problems analysis

  1. Why does the Battery system can not be charged after connection with BMS ?

  2. Why does the Battery system can not be discharged  ?

  3. why there are no charge protection ?

  4. Why does the Power cut-off once starting the motor ?

  5. Why does the power cut-off occur during driving process ?

  6. Why does the power cut-off when accelerating the speed ?

  7. Why does the voltage drop down after full charge ?

  8. why does the Vehicle can not run longer than our expected distance ?

  9. Why does BMS getting over-heated in process of discharge ?

  10.  Why does BMS get hot in process of charge ?

  11. Battery was be charged to swelling status ?

  12. why does the Battery drained completely to 0 Volt ?

  13. Why does the battery charge fast and discharge also fast ?

  14.  Battery can not be charged and discharged after long term rest ?

  15. Why  does your vehicle can run longer in winter than in summer ?

  16. What is the relation of controller , BMS and charger ?