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Requirement on Eelctronic component’s pin before SMT process
Formation processing is required before SMT or Plugging :
1. Requirement on Formation of Electroinic components
(1) All of Electronic’s pin should not be bent from the root position ,normally 1.5mm length should be left.the root position of electronic can be easily broken-off due to manufacturing processing
(2) Manual Assembly components can be bent to right angle .but for the manchine assembly components , it should not be bent to dead angle status ,arc radius should be 1 to 2 times bigger than pin’s diameter .
(3) It will be better to show the marks face in a postion which can be easily observed .
2. Shape fomration with component’s pin
(1) Manual operation : tweezer or small screw driver should be used to bend the pin of electronic components
(2) Machine operation :Special manchine can finish this job and it’s work style will be like this : materials transfering machine deliver the triode by virbration way . and DFH will position it . the first step is to bend the right and left pin , and the scond step is to bend the middle pin from front or behind position to make the shape formation well .

Production Procedures summary :
 1. Market department deliver the production notice document frist which should be agreed with chief manager ,and then notice to all relative departments .
2. Purchase department should report the materials status and the purchasing progress situation to all replative deparments
in according to the material Application list and production notice issued by Market department .
3. When Materials arried , Purchase department should make inital inspection on the purchased materials in quantity ,lable ,specification ,package styel etc , and then place them at the position of ” inpsection Area ” to wait the full inspection by IQC staff . IQC should do the sample inspection in according to the specifiction sheet from our supplier. all materials should be stored in warehouse if inspection has passed . otherwise , IQC should make a report for the materials which failed in the inspection process to our purchase department .
4. After inspection .Material management departments should manage and arrange it properly to the production department in according to BOM list of the production order .
5. In advance of the production , SMT materials should be confirmed in according the BOM list and specification ,qunatity of each materials . if there is any problems .report should be delivered to replative department for further confirmation .
6. SMT programm :After SMT programm ,materials transfering process will start , QC should check the material list and materials postion once more during this process to make sure there is not any problems . and next step will be inital SMT sample inspection to see if the product is correctly manufactured or not and keep the records for relative leaders confirmation .
7. Reflow-soldering : 5 pcs PCBA smaple should be confirmation before large scale production after soldering ,AOI or visual inspection should be done to confirm the soldering result : there should be no empty soldering , tin balls ,component position move to the wrong place etc . electricity conducted inspection will be followed when there is no problems with last process to see if the PCB can work normally or not and keep the initial sample inspection record .
8. Full inspection should be done for all PCB board and any inpsection records should be prepared
9. Package : PCB should be packed with all necessary protective solutions and be labeled clearly on the carton box before delivering to the warehouse .