The power turn off when accelerating the speed of the Vehicle:

A. The voltage of a single cell is too low, and the under-voltage protection was occured. for Unbalanced battery packs need to chec if the battery cell with the lowest voltage drops below the undervoltage value or not .

B. The balance cables and when battery connection cable are screwed with large contact resistance . . Caused a large current discharge, the voltage drop of the two points connected by the screw was relatively large, and the undervoltage protection occurred due to large current discharge due to lagre voltage dripd bewtween screws connection points .

C, B- wire or other battery connection wires are not bold enough. when faces high current discharge, the voltage drop at the wire or nickel strip connection place is large,which resulted in the undervoltage protection action by the BMS.

D. The overcurrent value of the selected protection board is too small which resulted in over-current discharge protection .