Welcome to Our Website to download necessary documents for our BMS installation purpose ,and please read our instructions carefully before make the BMS connection so as to avoid any potential mistakes , thanks for your's kindly understanding and support .

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As for detail connection instructions ,client can review each item description , and there are connection diagram with each model in this page :

"Connection detail description for different models"

Our BMS mode list reference BMS model list
Smart BMS protocol download if necessary BMS Communication protocol Detail Introduction of our smart BMS smart BMS setting introduction
Normal problems and solution suggestions:
A . it can not be charged or discharge after BMS connection ?
Please check all wires has been connected correctly ,battery connection and charge connection is correct or not , each series cell voltage are within the requirement scope of our connection instruction , also check the NTC of the BMS to see if it has been plugged ( without NTC wire , the BMS can not be charged or discharge ); also to check the first page of the APP to see if there is a Lock symbol , if there is a lock displayed , please click off this lock symbol .
C. Why the Balance only work with odd numbers group or even number groups ?
It is our design purpose to keep only one side of cells with balance work ,this solution will help to reduce the heating of the BMS during balance process to prevent over-heating problems with BMS during balance work period , it is normal with our BMS ,please know it kindly
E.why there is one series cell without voltage and it's neighboring cells has high voltage?
this problems mainly resulted from loose connection with wires , please fix wire connection tightly at these postions ,or the balance has been damaged with this series cell , it needs to be returned to us for repairing service .
B. Why does the Balance function not work ?
Please check with your setting if you set the balance is static balance of charge balance function . for charge balance it can only works with such condition :in process of charge , when the cell voltage reached the balance start voltage you have set and the voltage difference value of highest voltage and lowest voltage has reached the value you have set
For static balance : the balance will work when there is no charge current, and the cell voltage has reached the value you have set ,also the voltage difference with highest and lowest cell should reach the value you have set .
D.why there is B after cell's voltage on APP software ?
B means balance fucntion working with this series cell , please know it kindly
F.why does the first series cell has very low voltage and second series cell have high voltage ?
Please make sure to connect B- port with your own bold wire to the Battery negative port .the B- wire should be bold and short will be better , the thin and long wire connection to the B- port of the BMS will damage our BMS . please know it kindly in advance
G. the Bluetooth connection failed and can not be connected successfully ?
firstly , should check each wires connection should be 100% correctly , and Bluetooth will be disconnected when the undervoltage protection occured ,bluetooth function can be activated by charge .