Smart BMS application Instructions with software operation:

Please read below content carefully when you apply our smart BMS with software operation function so as to avoid any potential application risk afterwards

Smart BMS application for Mobile devices Smart BMS application for PC computer
please click this link to download PC operation softwarePC application software downloard Please click this link to download APP softwareMobile Application software downloard
Please view detail information on BMS connection with this link Connection of each types of smart BMS
Please take a rerence to PC tool Application manual with this link: PC tool Operation Manual and PC communication diriver and Bluetooth Name Common Problems and solutions
Application environment :
Our TOOLS can be installed on Windows XP or Windows 7 above system .communication bridged through series communication methods, series communication tool is our USB converter for RS232 communication ,and it is suitable for almost all kinds of computer in our Market .
Communication port setting
Click the “COM “button ,COM setting page will show up and our PC software can recognize the available series communication port automaticallyIf PC software can not scan out the COM port .please click the refresh button to see if it can find the COM port which is ready for application ,then click the button “back” our software can records the last setting of your COM port , it will automatically turn on your last COM port when you open PC software next time .this has no need to be changed if your communication USB converter is the same with your last time’s Build communication:
After setting process finished of COM port ,click the “start” button, and then the communication has been built with our BMS ,the software can read your battery basic information .including :single cell voltage ,capacity ,cycle times ,protection status ,charge and discharge current , Mos Fet work status as below screenshot :
Parameter setting :
Some protection parameters can be set on the page of parameter setting as below .as for the detail content ,please take a reference to the Below Picture
Mainly Setting including :
1. Basic protection parameter setting : over-charge protection of single cell ,over-discharge protection of single cell and over-charge protection of whole battery pack ,over-discharge of whole battery pack ,temperature of charge and discharge ,over-current protection value of charge and discharge , recovery voltage, and protection delay time .client can set it based on your application .
2. High level protection : including second step protection of over-current ,short circuit ,over-charge and over-discharge . the over-current protection value and short protection value will be set by voltage ,if set by current ,the calculation format will be like this I=v/R,V is the voltage you will set on the software ,and R is the resistance .
3.Function setting : some mainly function of the BMS is on or off including switch function ,loading test function after short ,balance function ,LED function ,LED light numbers ,the balance function can be only valid after you selecting balance mode
4.NTC setting : It targets the different NTC numbers for different types of BMS ,usually we set it before the delivery .
5.Balance setting : Mainly setting including balancing start voltage and balance precision ,balance will work when it can meet such two conditions :
A. single cell voltage has exceeded the balance voltage
B. Single cell’s voltage gap is bigger than the balance precision
Otherwise the balance will not work when there is one factor which can not match .
6.Other parameters setting : including battery series setting , resistance of detection resistor ,delivery and production time and other information etc . Battery series numbers and detection resistors setting can affect the BMS work status ,except them ,other setting parameters can not affect the work performance of the BMS , we have already set it when arrange the shipment . you do not to adjust it afterwards .
7.Capacity setting : as our BMS has self-learning function ,and self-learning value scope has been set by us , The Max tolerance is 20% and BMS will correct it automatically by 10% each time . so as for this part setting , it needs to set the value of resistor in according to your practical application
Bluetooth connection instructions:
1)Connection for Bluetooth will be failed when the signal with Bluetooth is weak
2) For the version of 1.3 or below , Bluetooth light will flash slowly ,and it will go to hibernation status 8 seconds later together with PCB board . the light will turn on when connecting ,Bluetooth light will turn off when disconnect it 8S later .
When for version of 1.5 or above . Bluetooth will not turn on when make disconnection . and it’s light will light on while connecting .
3) It will be better to connect an antenna on the Bluetooth if it was placed inside of the battery box , suggesting user to place the Bluetooth at outside of the battery to get a strong signal .
4) In the case of enabling to search the signal of bluetooth in the application process , user can click the repair button on App to see if the signal can be searched after re-start of Bluetooth .
5) When meet the problems frequently when makes connection of “can not support the device “,this problems usually resulted from weak signal or Mobile Bluetooth operation . you can click this repair button to make the connection successfully
Please contact us when meets other problems you can not solved on your side
Common problems
A.Can not search the signal of Bluetooth ?
Please check wires connection is correct or not with your battery
B .When meets the battery voltage is 0.1V and IC error message shows on the software interface.
This problems usually comes from the incorrect wire connection order , please take off these wires in a reverse order of wire connection order with our diagram , correct wires connection order should start from making B- connection at first , then connect these wires from B1 ,B2 …. B? ,B+ is the last to be connected .When there are some battery with 0.9V voltage around, and the neighboring cell with high voltage obviously
Please check the wires connection is correct or not
as for another PC software,please try this PC Software