Why does the driving distance in winter is shorter than in summer?
A. Generally , Lithium batteries have poor low-temperature performance, which is manifested as a sharp increase in the internal resistance of the battery cell In a low temperature environment, the output voltage of the discharged battery cell is significantly lower than that of normal temperature, and will discharge to the undervoltage protection value faster. Therefore, it is normal to run shorter distances in winter than in summer.

B. If the protection board has a low-temperature discharge protection function, when the ambient temperature is lower than the discharge low-temperature protection value, the protection board will activate its discharge low-temperature protection function and the Battery cannot discharge .

C. If the general lithium battery is placed in an environment of -20°C for more than 2 hours, the cell voltage will drop below the undervoltage protection value within a few seconds of 1C current discharge, which will cause it to fail to discharge.