Why does the Vehicle can not run longer than our expected distance ?

A. Poor welding quality with cells connection . For example, when there is fake welding on number 8 series cell for a 10S4P battery pack, the Number 8 seires cells actually had only 3 pcs cells conencted in paralles.

B. After one hundred cycles, or if the battery was discharged to 0V, the capacity of the battery pack will be deteriorated .

C. The battery pack is seriously unbalanced, and undervoltage protection occurs early.

D. The design of the battery pack assembly process is unreasonable. For example, connecting two battery cells with a long and thin wire or nickel strip which may caused a large difference between the detection voltage of the protection board and the battery voltage which resulted in overvoltage during charging. and under-voltage protection in discharge.

E. The aging of the motor leads to low efficiency.

F. Lithium battery capacity was deteriorated at low temperature environment in winter.

G. The road conditions are bad or overloaded.

H. Riding after high temperature exposure in summer, the protection board is discharged and protected against high temperature.。