The power turn off while in riding process :

A. If it is normal to ride at full power, and the sudden power off is likely to come when the battery is almost out of power. The common cause is that there is series cell has suffered undervoltage protection .

B. The balance detection wires connection is loose or with poor contact;

C. Sudden power failure occurs when climbing or crossing a hurdle with a full charged battery. it is because of over-current protection which was activated, and it is necessary to increase the discharge overcurrent protection value for the protection board.

D. If the sudden power failure occured in the hot summer weather, it is common that the protection board has a high temperature protection (may be built-in temperature protection, or it may be an external high temperature protection)

E. The controller and motor of the car are not well matched with the battery. For example, an 800W motor was equipped with a 5AH battery pack.