2000W 12.6V 14.6V 29.2V 43.8V 58.4V 73V Lithium and Lifepo4 electric car or electric boat Battery charger with powerful charge current


this 2000W charger can be made for such battery type voltage with different current :
3S Li-ion 12.6V 60A |3S Li-ion 12.6V 50A|3S Li-ion 12.6V 45A|4S Li-ion 16.8V 60A |4S Li-ion 16.8V 50A|4S Li-ion 16.8V 45A| 4S Lifepo4 14.6V 60A |4S Lifepo4 14.6V 50A |4S Lifepo4 14.6V 45A |5S Li ion 21V 60A|5S Li ion 21V 50A|6S 25.2V Li ion 50A| 6S 25.2V Li ion 40A|7S Li-ion 29.4V 50A | 6S 21.9V LiFepo4 50A|6S 21.9V LiFepo4 5 40A|7S Li-ion 29.4V 50A |7S Li-ion 29.4V 40A |8S Lifepo4 29.2V 50A | 8S Lifepo4 29.2V 40A |8S Li ion 33.6V 50A | 8S Li ion 33.6V 40A| 10S Li-ion 42V 30A |10S Li-ion 42V 25A |12S Lifepo4 43.8V 30A |12S Lifepo4 43.8V 25A|13S Li-ion 54.6V 30A |13S Li-ion 54.6V 25A |14S 58.8V Li ion 30A |14S 58.8V Li ion 25A|15S 63V Li ion 25A|15S 63V Li ion 20A|15S 54.8V Lifepo4 30A| 15S 54.8V Lifepo4 25A|16S 67.2V Li ion 20A| 16S Lifepo4 58.4V 30A |17 Li-ion 71.4V 20A | 18S 75.6V Li-ion 20A |20S Li-ion 84V 20A |20S Lifepo4 73V 20A | 22S Li-ion 92.4V 15A | 23S Li-ion 96.6V 15A|24S Li-ion 100.8V 15A| 24S Lifepo4 87.6v 20A|

Client can select suitable current based on our Battery specification ,please contact us via email : james@lithiumbatterypcb.com ,if needs different current and voltage .

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This high quality alloy type charger has such characteristic as belowing :
1.short-circuit protection,charger o/p current automatically when short-circuit.
2.overload protection:charger o/p current limited automatically when overload.
3.reverse polarity protection:it will shut down when the wire is connected,charge DC fuse or remove the fault.
4.2-stages charging mode: CC(constant current), CV(constant voltage) .
5.Excellent fan cooling technology enable your charger get away from any potential over-heating risk and make your charger works longer and
more stable .
6.Charging state:two LED display.
7.Fuses works to provide double protection from any external damages
8.All kinds of production has passed the CE certification.
9.Automatically cut-off : the charger cut-off automatically when the battery was fully charged ,
10.Efficiency: ≥95 %( full capacity)Photo-Display
48V electric car battery charger
72V lithium or Lifepo4 Battery chargercharger-Mode-boarder
1.To check if your local power supply conformsto charger input voltage 110 or 230V,then connect the charger system to a wall socket , if charger
has switched to OFF position ,it must be set to ON status .
2.LED1 (RED ) confirms AC power on an LED2 Green confirms if the charger connects well or not
3.Connect the plug or the DC output cord to battery terminals ,it indicates the charger is charging the battery when the red light turns on ,and
the battery will be fully charged when the battery was charged fully .
Notes : if the charger with a Relay for reverse polarity prouction , it does not have output voltage and current when the Charger AC power on
but disconnecting with the battery , it will have voltage an current output when it connects with battery , if the charger has a fuse instea of Relay
for reverse polarity protection , it has output once AC power on .
1. the phenomenon of sparking is normal when it connects to the battery because of high current
2. This charger is designed for charging lithium tupe batteries only
3. Avoid charging the wrong type battery
4. Always place the charger in well-ventilated and dry environments
5. The charger is designed with aluminum case as its heat sink , do not cover it to avoid the case from being overheated while charging
6. Do not disassemble charger ,take it to qualified service person when service or repair is required
1. Orders processed timely after the payment verification.
2. We only ship to confirmed order addresses. Your order address MUST MATCH your Shipping address.
3. SERVICE TRANSIT TIME is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays. Transit times may vary, particularly during the holiday season.
4. Due to stock status and time differences, we will choose to ship your item from our first available warehouse for fast delivery.
5. Delivery time depends on destination and other factors, If you don`t receive the item after 20 days, please contact us, We will track.

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3S Li-ion 12.6V 60A, 3S Li-ion 12.6V 50A, 3S Li-ion 12.6V 45A, 4S Li-ion 16.8V 60A, 4S Li-ion 16.8V 50A, 4S Li-ion 16.8V 45A, 4S Lifepo4 14.6V 60A, 4S Lifepo4 14.6V 50A, 4S Lifepo4 14.6V 45A, 5S Li ion 21V 60A, 5S Li ion 21V 50A, 6S 25.2V Li ion 50A, 6S 25.2V Li ion 40A, 7S Li-ion 29.4V 50A, 6S 21.9V LiFepo4 50A, 6S 21.9V LiFepo4 5 40A, 7S Li-ion 29.4V 50A, 7S Li-ion 29.4V 40A, 8S Lifepo4 29.2V 50A, 8S Lifepo4 29.2V 40A, 8S Li ion 33.6V 50A, 8S Li ion 33.6V 40A, 10S Li-ion 42V 30A, 10S Li-ion 42V 25A, 12S Lifepo4 43.8V 30A, 12S Lifepo4 43.8V 25A, 13S Li-ion 54.6V 30A, 13S Li-ion 54.6V 25A, 14S 58.8V Li ion 30A, 14S 58.8V Li ion 25A, 15S 63V Li ion 25A, 15S 63V Li ion 20A, 15S 54.8V Lifepo4 30A, 15S 54.8V Lifepo4 25A, 16S 67.2V Li ion 20A, 16S Lifepo4 58.4V 30A, 17 Li-ion 71.4V 20A, 18S 75.6V Li-ion 20A, 20S Li-ion 84V 20A, 20S Lifepo4 73V 20A, 22S Li-ion 92.4V 15A, 23S Li-ion 96.6V 15A, 24S Li-ion 100.8V 15A, 24S Lifepo4 87.6v 20A


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