Applicable scope:
This is position module specially for 16S Lithium Ion battery PCB ,the whole set Product can be used for energy storage lithium battery power supply such as Solar energy battery ,household power supplier ,outdoors power supplier etc .GPS position for battery will be available ,message with abnormal working of the battery can be sent to user's display terminal .so as to provide the battery position and working status information for the user
Product feature :
With GPS postion module and can position battery and send message to user for working status of the battery
Available for the various types of battery such as :Lifepo4 battery , LiMno2 Battery ,other Lithium battery.
Battery protection parameters can be changed in according to demand
Intelligent discharge management solution ,SOC metering with intelligent learning
With Balance management
With over-charge ,over-discharge,over-current,high& Low temperature , short protection .
With RS485 communication for battery communication


Battery Monitoring panel